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King Taejong of Joseon (r. 1400-1418) was the third ruler of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. Taejong was a driving force behind consolidating and strengthening the king’s power, & while he was an effective ruler, his violent means of winning...

The Battle of Gaixia (202 BCE, also known as Kai-Hsia) was the decisive engagement of the Chu-Han Contention (206-202 BCE) at which Liu Bang (l. C. 256-195 BCE), from the State of Han, defeated Xiang Yu (l. 232-202 BCE) of the State of Chu...

Ghost stories were the earliest form of literature in ancient China. They were almost certainly part of a very old oral tradition before writing developed during the Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1046 BCE) và they continue khổng lồ be popular in China...

One of two gold Mycenaean cups from the Vapheio tholos tomb, Lakonia, 15th century BCE. The cups show relief scenes of capturing bulls. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)

A portrait of Liu Bang who became the Chinese emperor Gao of the Han (Gaozu). Victor in the famous battle of Gaixia in 202 BCE, he founded the Han dynasty which would rule trung quốc from 202 BCE lớn 220 CE.
Ancient đài loan trung quốc produced what has become the oldest extant culture in the world. The name "China" comes from the Sanskrit Cina (derived from the name of the Chinese Qin Dynasty, pronounced "Chin") which was translated as "Cin" by the Persians...
In this article, we interview the creators of Old World, the new upcoming trò chơi by Mohawk Games. We are here with Leyla Johnson, the head writer of the game and CEO, và Soren Johnson, who is the creative director. Jan (Ancient History...
A gold stemmed cup from Mycenae, often called the "Cup of Nestor" following Homer"s description. A dove rests on the vị trí cao nhất of each handle. 16th century BCE, Grave IV, Grave Circle A, Mycenae. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)
The Hellenic World" is a term which refers khổng lồ that period of ancient Greek history between 507 BCE (the date of the first democracy in Athens) và 323 BCE (the death of Alexander the Great). This period is also referred khổng lồ as the age of...
China"s bronze-casting traditions can be traced back to about 2000 BCE. Elaborate bronze vessels were made for ritual và ceremonial use, often to make offerings to lớn ancestors. The materials and technology of this long-standing tradition were...

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