At DzTechs, we"ve been eagerly awaiting Apple"s ambitious wireless charger - "AirPower". ButSince that never happenedWe started looking for other options. Last week I got my hands on the Xiaomi ngươi Wireless Charging Pad và interestingly I couldn"t find any review about it on the internet. No, it is not even mentioned in the danh mục of best wireless chargers. So, to ảo diệu for all this here"s my full reviewFor Xiaomi mày Wireless Charger($29) và whether you should spend your money on it.

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Charging speed

For this, xiaomi claims that it offers a 10W output, and for some reason, it is called fast charging. But, there isn"t nearly 10W in terms of normal charging speed. To demo the power nguồn output and charging process, I used the following three devices.

Samsung Galaxy note 9Google px 3Apple iPhone XS Max

I used the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 charger that you"ll get with your pixel or Samsung lưu ý devices. Therefore, the graph below shows the charging tốc độ of the three devices.

Summary data:

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy lưu ý charges faster in 3 hours 35 minutes. Samsung Galaxy note 9 can accept 10W input. While the slowest is the iphone XS Max which takes 4 hours max. But, it can only accept a maximum wireless output đầu ra of 7.5W. In fact, the slowest was the px 3 which took exactly 3 hours & 49 minutes khổng lồ charge the smaller 2915 mAh battery.

In my testing, the Samsung Galaxy note 9 turned out lớn be the fastest with wireless charging. The device has a huge 4000 mAh battery & it took about 3 & a half hours lớn fully charge it. But considering the fast charging, it"s still very slow.

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Should you buy it?

Yes, for $18, the mi Wireless Charger looks good. But still, it only makes sense if you have multiple wireless chargers. You can quickly stick one of your devices to the charging pad while using the other device. For people who have multiple wireless chargers, a wireless charger is quite reasonable. Like my case, any day I would like to charge my Galaxy watch on this instead of my regular Samsung charger.

Who should not buy this? If you only have one device that charges wirelessly, just stay away from the wireless charger. Imagine, Google pixel charging on one of these wireless charging pads. It may take approximately 4 hours lớn fully charge it through the wireless charging pad. Whereas if you charge it via the wired charger, it can go from 0 lớn 100 in about 90 minutes. Wireless charging will be just another plus for you.

To summarize the entire review, here are the pros and cons.

PositivesQi . Universal compatibilityOutstanding build quality10W nguồn output.NegativesThere is no energy brick.

If you have any queries regarding the device, let me know in the comments below.

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