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The tuy vậy (aka Sung) dynasty ruled trung quốc from 960 khổng lồ 1279 CE with the reign split into two periods: the Northern song (960-1125 CE) và Southern song (1125-1279 CE). The Northern song ruled a largely united đài loan trung quốc from their capital at Kaifeng...

Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (l. C. 1532-1588 CE), was a high-ranking courtier who rose to lớn become a favourite of Elizabeth I of England (r. 1558-1603 CE). Rumours abounded that Dudley sought khổng lồ marry the queen, and their relationship...

Emperor Taizu (960-976 CE), formerly known as Zhao Kuangyin, was the founder of the song (aka Sung) dynasty which ruled china from 960 to 1279 CE. Taizu settled for a territorially smaller but more unified and prosperous china than was seen...

In the study of the ancient world a đô thị is generally defined as a large populated urban center of commerce và administration with a system of laws and, usually, regulated means of sanitation. This is only one definition, however, & the...

The Khitan people formed the Liao dynasty and ruled parts of Mongolia, Manchuria, and northern china from 907 to lớn 1125 CE. Adopting elements of Chinese government & culture, the Khitan were more than a match for their rivals the tuy nhiên dynasty...
In this interview, Ancient History Encyclopedia is talking to Wendy Orr about her first historical fiction novel set in the Aegean Bronze Age, Dragonfly Song. Kelly Macquire (AHE): Wendy, thank you for joining me! vì you want khổng lồ start...
A c. 1560 CE portrait attributed lớn Steven van der Meulen of Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (l. C. 1532-1588 CE) and favourite of Elizabeth I of England (r. 1558-1603 CE). (The Wallace Collection, London)
A c. 1564 CE portrait of Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (l. C. 1532-1588 CE). Dudley"s coat of arms is shown in the background. (Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, England)
Ancient trung quốc produced what has become the oldest extant culture in the world. The name "China" comes from the Sanskrit Cina (derived from the name of the Chinese Qin Dynasty, pronounced "Chin") which was translated as "Cin" by the Persians...
The tuy nhiên of Everlasting Sorrow is a narrative poem of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) inspired by the love affair between Xuanzong (r. 712-756 CE), the seventh emperor of the dynasty, & his consort Lady Yang. It was written by the Chinese...

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