Vostro 15 Inch 3500 Thin Business Laptop

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Vostro 3500 LaptopVostro

Vostro: Built for Small Business

The first family of maimoikethon.com computers designed specifically for small business, maimoikethon.com™ Vostro™ gives you the flexibility to choose exactly the PC you need—without the added costs you don’t. Because when it comes to lớn finding the right small-business computer, "full-featured" và "affordable" should never be mutually exclusive.

Big-Business Features for Small-Business Budgets

Don’t sacrifice the features you crave just lớn stay under budget. With the Vostro 3500, you get design, performance và productivity choices normally reserved for big-business laptops—at a price that’s right for small business.

Design that Commands Attention:
As strong as it is sophisticated, the aluminum case on all new Vostro laptops radiates professionalism in your choice of 3 elegant colors.
Ready to vì chưng More:
Productivity You Can See:
Long-Life Battery:
No nguồn outlet? No problem. Choose an optional 9-cell battery khổng lồ enjoy extended battery life.

Support that Stands Behind You

Running a small business is challenging enough without having lớn be your own IT department. With a range of customized support options behind every Vostro laptop we sell, maimoikethon.com has the resources khổng lồ keep your business moving.

Support that Understands Small Business:
Stop paying for per-incident help-desk issues. Choose maimoikethon.com ProSupport for end Users* khổng lồ get specialized, 24/7 tech tư vấn that understands small business—all for one low, upfront price.
Coverage Now và Later:
Extend your basic limited hardware warranty* up to lớn 3 years, and choose Accidental Damage Service* for protection against drops, surges & other unexpected damages not covered under your Limited Hardware Warranty.*
Time-Saving, Expert Installation:
From help with office network connections to On-Site System Setup, maimoikethon.com installation services can help get you up và running quickly so you can stay focused on your business.

The Security Small Business Needs

maimoikethon.com understands that data security isn’t just a big-business problem. We’ve designed the Vostro 3500 with a range of options khổng lồ help keep your small business protected every day.

Proven Data Protection from maimoikethon.com:
Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for them. Choose maimoikethon.com DataSafe Online Backup for a full-service 24/7 data backup and recovery solution—no extra hardware or IT staff required.

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Fingerprint Reader for Added Security:
Your data is the backbone of your business. Keep it protected against thieves & competitors by choosing an optional fingerprint reader for multi-factor authentication.
Damage Protection Right Out of the Box:
A standard free-fall-sensor hard drive và Strike Zone™ shock absorber khổng lồ help protect your data against system drops—even if your máy tính is off at the time.
Built for Small Business. Built for How You Work. Vostro máy vi tính solutions provide the combination of hardware, services and software that small business users want. Dedicated, small business-trained sales and service representatives, 24x7x365 Pre-selected software tailored to meet your business needs A 30-day, money-back guaranteeAll Vostro laptops include: Remote Troubleshooting and Repair with maimoikethon.comConnect™(using broadband connection)


Vostro Services and SupportYou asked for a complete package. We listened.Vostro was created with your small business in mind, which is why maimoikethon.com offers comprehensive services and tư vấn specifically designed for your business. maimoikethon.com has created tools & services lớn help you with installation, maintenance & repair tasks. You can be confident that you will have the màn chơi of tư vấn you need to help keep your business running smoothly.


maimoikethon.com ProSupport™ – Faster, more reliable support services designed to lớn address the công nghệ challenges you face today. This tư vấn portfolio is focused on your needs, time demands và budgets. maimoikethon.com ProSupport starts with the maimoikethon.com ProSupport for End-Users service model, designed lớn take care of both you & your employees’ IT needs 24x7.

maimoikethon.com ProSupport for End-Users includes:


Next, further customize your support solution by taking advantage of the maimoikethon.com ProSupport Options below that align khổng lồ how you use your technology. Computrace Theft Protection
 — Tracks stolen systems và remotely wipes sensitive data Keep Your Hard Drive — Retain a failed hard drive và receive one replacement drive while under warranty. Hard Drive Data Recovery — Recover your data, even if you forgot khổng lồ back it up. Certified Data Destruction — Destroys data, provides certification of destruction và disposes of the disk


Installation Services maimoikethon.com’s installation services give you the tools you need lớn get your systems up and running as fast as possible so you can focus on more important business matters.Optional Services: Laptop and desktop deployment — Choose custom hardware, software & peripherals for your new PCs, and then let maimoikethon.com professionals install them for you.


Maintenance ServicesVostro"s maintenance services and tư vấn tools help prevent downtime and potential disaster by keeping your systems running at peak performance.Standard Services: One-year subscription for maimoikethon.com DataSafe Online Backup — Protect your data by backing up your files to a safe, remote storage site. Relax knowing that your critical data is safe from hardware, software and catastrophic events. Protect, share and access your files on your computer.Optional Services: For moderate lớn heavy users, tăng cấp your one-year Online DataSafe Backup subscription to đôi mươi GB or 100 GB. You can receive the same benefits that the standard service offers with room khổng lồ grow.
Repairmaimoikethon.com makes it easy to lớn get help fast when your business needs it. All Vostro systems include a standard one-year parts và labor Limited Warranty, with the option khổng lồ extend it for up to four years.Standard Services: Optional Services:


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