Jordan 1 Purple Aqua

EU36 - 104 990EU36.5 - 104 990EU37.5 - 104 990EU38 - 104 990EU38.5 - 104 990EU39 - 104 990EU40 - 104 990EU41 - 84 990EU42 - 84 990EU42.5 - 84 990EU43 - 84 990EU44 - 99 990EU44.5 - 84 990EU45 - 84 990EU45.5 - 84 990EU46 - 84 990

This form size can only be ordered online, not available in our Budapest store.

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Aceasă mărime poate fi comandată doar online, nu este disponibilă în magazinul din Budapesta.

Ez a méret csak a webshopban rendelhető, budapesti üzletünkben nem elérhető.

EU36 EU36.5 EU37.5 EU38 EU38.5 EU39 EU40 EU41 EU42 EU42.5 EU43 EU44 EU44.5 EU45 EU45.5 EU46
SKU: 554724-500 EU40.5-EU47SKU: 554725-500 (GS) EU36-EU40Release date: March 2021Colorway: PURPLE PULSE/ARCTIC PUNCHRecommended size: Normal (TTS)

The first Air Jordan 1 colorway was introduced in 1984 và the success of the silhouette is unbroken. Countless colorways & collaborations have been released since then, many of them have become true icons. AJ1s are undoubtedly one of the most popular sneakers for sneakerheads today.

Xem thêm: Đồng Hồ Samsung Gear S3 Cũ Giá Rẻ Mới Nhất T10/2021, Đồng Hồ Samsung Gear S3 Giá Tốt Tháng 10, 2021

Try-on and form size swap

Most Jordan sneakers can be tried on in our Budapest store, so you can select the best fitting size. If you ordered your Jordans online you may ask for size swap in 14 days counted from the delivery date - if the requested form size is on stock of our Budapest store.

How vày Jordan sneakers fit?

Jordan High, Mid & Low shoes fit true to kích cỡ (TTS), so buy the form size you would normally do.

Jordan sneakers from form size EU 36 to 40 are available in unisex GS or in W variant in general.

Jordan sneaker kích cỡ chart

Jordan size chart tells you which kích cỡ do you need. The "cm" values represent the length of the insole from heel to toe.


3534.522 cm
35,53.5522,5 cm
3645.523 cm
36,54.5623,5 cm
37,556.523,5 cm
385.5724 cm
38,567.524 cm
396.5824,5 cm
4078.525 cm
40,57.5925,5 cm
4189.526 cm
428.51026,5 cm
42,5910.527 cm
439.51127,5 cm
441011.528 cm
44,510.51228,5 cm
451112.529 cm
45,511.51329,5 cm
461213.530 cm
4712.51430,5 cm
47,51314.531 cm
4813.51531,5 cm
48.51415.532 cm
4914.51632,5 cm
49,51516.533 cm
5015.51733,5 cm

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