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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a game released by VNG in Vietnam, suddenly cannot log in to the game if you are not 18 years old.

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Not as famous as other MOBA games in the Vietnamese market, however, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) still owns a loyal player base. The proof is that this game has a lot of Facebook groups, with the number of members reaching more than 100,000 people. MLBB scores with engaging gameplay, champions are easy to play but difficult to master at peak levels, some champions are extremely difficult such as: Fanny or Guison.


Notice instructing players to declare information from MLBB’s fanpage

However, today 15/06 – After a new update, many players of MLBB version exclusively for Vietnam market released by VNG cannot log in to the game. The reason given by the publisher is that they have not declared personal information, when logging into the game, there will be a message “Incorrect account information” and then the game will be dropped. At the beginning of noon, on its fanpage, the publisher issued a notice instructing users to declare information to be able to log in to the game normally.

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MLBB Age Contradictory Notice on Google Play Store and in-game

However, if during the declaration process, if your age is under 18, you will not be able to log in to the game. Game4V also conducts research and indeed in the game after logging in there will be a small notice 18+ right in the left corner of the screen (The writer has conducted verification according to the publisher’s instructions and entered the game normally, all old enough, of course). The reaction of the community at this time is bewildered because when going to Google Play to download the game, the MLBB version of VNG is labeled 12+ by Google.

The age notice on the Google Play Store doesn’t match in the game

A lot of MLBB people are not old enough to tell each other how to “false” or use their parents’ CCCD/ID information to be able to log in to the game. Some other players think that the information is sensitive and do not want to declare and accept to abandon their accounts. Notably, before announcing important instructions on information declaration – MLBB Fanpage for more than 1 week did not give any notice for players to prepare.

Underage players show each other how to enter the game

Some players want to leave the game again after the update on information declaration

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