Rog strix b460






Multi-GPU CFX support

1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (CPU) 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (PCH, at x4 mode) 3 x PCIe 3.0 x1 (PCH)

SupremeFX S1220A CODEC

Impedance sense High quality output và input SupremeFX shielding Dual OP amplifiers



2 x M.2 Socket 3

1 x Type 2242-2280, supports PCIe 3.0 x4 và SATA modes 1 x Type 2242-22110, supports PCIe 3.0 x4 mode

All-round Performance

The robust power nguồn design and comprehensive cooling features of Strix B460-F Gaming ensure great all-round performance, & an intuitive dashboard gives you full networking control so you can harness the full potential of your build.

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Teamed power nguồn stages combine high-side and low-side MOSFETs và drivers into a single package, delivering the power và efficiency that the latest hãng intel processors demand.


The ProCool socket is built to exacting specifications khổng lồ ensure flush tương tác with the PSU power lines, enabling lower impedance and better heat dissipation.


Superior chokes and durable capacitors are engineered lớn resist extreme temperatures and provide up khổng lồ 110% better performance than the industry standard.

COOLER BY DESIGN Strix B460 series features the most comprehensive cooling options ever, configurable via fan Xpert 4 or the UEFI BIOS.

M.2 Heatsink

The M.2 heatsink keeps the M.2 SSD at the optimum operating temperature for consistent performance & reliability.

AI Networking

The proprietary GameFirst VI utility is designed to help all users — beginners, experts, và everyone in between — optimize network settings to lớn ensure smooth online gameplay. New khổng lồ this generation, GameFirst VI features AI-enhanced identification và boost công nghệ to ensure faster và smarter network optimization.


GameFirst VI analyzes your usage patterns and the digital signatures of your applications và compares them to a database of over 200,000 apps. The database is regularly updated khổng lồ ensure that apps are recognized.


GameFirst VI intelligently switches application priority và adjusts bandwidth accordingly, depending on the situation. When gaming, it accelerates and prioritizes game packets khổng lồ give you supersmooth online game play — even when you"re streaming high-quality đoạn clip to your audience or transferring large files.


An intuitive graph gives you an overview of the network in real-time. Simply click on the tab to lớn view current bandwidth usage of each application, geolocation status of each network connection, and an analysis of each WiFi channel.


GameFirst VI analyzes current tiện ích usage and adjusts bandwidth accordingly lớn ensure smoother online experiences, even when multitasking.


Gaming First mode leverages a massive application database và an analysis of your frequently used apps khổng lồ prioritize gaming network traffic. This reduces jitter & decreases ping to lớn give you lag-free online gaming.

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Network Insight

WiFi Quick Assist analyzes network information — including real-time bandwidth use — to lớn generate a graph that provides a clear overview of current network status. When paired with a router, WiFi Quick Assist lets you quickly scan your WiFi network to lớn find the best channel; then, you can use trò chơi Boost lớn prioritize gaming devices and packets.

LEADING CONNECTIVITIY Strix B460-F Gaming provides you with the latest connectivity for supersmooth online experiences và blisteringly fast file transfers. Superior audio performance gives you a massive advantage, allowing you to lớn pick up on the smallest audio cues for a completely immersive gaming experience.

M.2 Socket with E key

**Bluetooth 5.1 will be supported as of Windows 10 build 19041.


The S210 integrated cpu features a headphone amplifier, analog switches for the microphone/ground, và a USB 2.0 switch.


A dedicated power noise-filter circuit helps reduce power-input noise, ensuring consistently quiet performance from any audio source.


Built-in SupremeFX audio giải pháp công nghệ ensures pristine audio for Strix B460 series. Along with ensuring a flat frequency response for a neutral, detailed sound signature, it offers two front-panel outputs driven by op amps that deliver high-quality audio lớn gaming headsets.

Audio cover

Effective shielding against electromagnetic interference preserves the integrity of audio signals for the best sound quality.

Audio-line shielding

Blocks electromagnetic interference from the motherboard or add-ons khổng lồ provide cleaner audio.

Dual OP amplifiers

With two op-amps onboard you"re able to pump exceptional audio to lớn your favorite cans, with 32-600Ω-headphone impedance for great flexibility.

Premium Nichicon™ audio capacitors

Fine-quality Japanese-made components that produce a warmer, natural sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity.


The cyberpunk-inspired aesthetics of Strix B460-F Gaming are accentuated with bold slashes & cybertext. By pairing your rig with other products from the diverse ecosystem, you can create a fully customized gaming cài đặt that reflects your personal style.

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