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Have you seen this beautiful Tiffany colour house in Saigon? Many of you may think và guess what vị they sell here? Flower shop/Florist or teahouse/cafe? Yea! It’s everything! you can siêu thị flowers while having your tea & coffee!

38°Market Flower & Tea House has opened it’s branches in various locations but I went khổng lồ the hidden one in district 2 along the Hanoi freeway near the Vincom Mega Mall. (It’s only 3minutes away) và not that far from the entrance of Thao dien street. Check the address và click the map for direction at the đứng đầu of this site.

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Afternoon tea is a celebration of all things delightful and delectable, pretty & feminine. In here, you are lượt thích in a floral Garden with your good friends. It’s a perfect excuse to lớn gathering up friends and catching up here. I felt relaxed surrounded by flower scents and especially that day was lilly’s scent.Not only tea or flowers but they excite you with sweet & savory afternoon tea treats, fruity juice, trang chủ made smoothies and cute cakes.

Rasberry Cream Cake
Thao dien branch
Garden style shop
Me enjoying seasonal flower tea
In piece with the tea!

This tea is the seasonal flower tea and it comes with tea pot and wooden tray with the ginger sweets. I felt like I’m so welcomed here by their good presentation of the tea! My husband ordered the blueberry yogurt smoothie & it tasted fine because he was training at thể hình lately và need something like a healthy dessert drink.

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In here you can buy many tropical flowers, roses & more.

Pink Roses it’s perfect for valentine’s day!

Beautiful decoration in the shop

Morning glory

You can shop flower while you are having your high tea

I actually didn’t know the shop was opened by this young man named Shark Le Dang Khoa. He is the famous entrepreneur in Vietnam và he is only in his 30s. He began his career from sales person in his family business & now became the owners of various businesses in Saigon.

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